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renters rights (south dakota)
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 Posted: Mon Oct 8th, 2007 03:03 pm
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we live in Sioux Falls, SD in amulti-dwelling house (3 apartments)-main floor, top floor, basement. The new owners bought it from the old owners 2-3 years ago (old owners still live in main floor apartment, and we live on the top floor) and we've been having some problems.

All heat/AC is run from a single source in main floor apartment, and whether it's cold or hot, it is a constant battle with old owners to either turn it up or down. (Especially in winter-old owner gets up in the night an turns heat off comepltely because they're "too hot" even though it's freezing up here. Do they have the right to do that? Even though old owners have told us many times; "For every turn the ducts make, you lose 10 degress heat or AC."

Also-new owners promised us when they bought the place they would put in a (paid) waser/dryer for everyone to use-even have washer/dryer in the basement ready to go, but old owner refuses to let them put it in because that's where they shower. (Even though their bath and bathroom is in their apartment. Can they do that? Same promise was made by new owner to cut down old shrubs in back so everyone could park back there, but old owners refuse to allow it. (New landlord lets them.) Is there a remedy for this?

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